Agent Dash

Agent Dash 4.1

Dodge, slide, and jump in this spy-themed running game


  • Great graphics
  • Responsive touch controls
  • Fun characters and powerups
  • Dynamic levels


  • Gameplay gets repetitive

Very good

Agent Dash is an addictive Temple Run clone that adds fun cartoon styling and quirky characters.

If you're familiar with the popular Temple Run game, then you'll feel at home playing Agent Dash. While gameplay is exactly the same, Agent Dash differentiates itself with quirky characters and fun power ups like jetpacks, parachutes, and "bullet time." Agent Dash also adds Facebook integration so you can challenge your friends and keep track of their scores.

The premise is simple: run and collect diamonds to unlock powers, characters, and one-time-use aids. Being a free-to-play game, you can use real money to buy in game items. There is a trend in the mobile gaming industry of moving to the free-to-play business model and some games have been ruined because of constant nags to spend money.

Thankfully, Agent Dash doesn't nag you constantly to spend real money, although the impatient will probably do so. You can buy more diamonds to unlock in-game items but players who don't want to spend money won't be punished. It will just take longer to unlock things but it will be good practice gathering diamonds in the game anyway.

Agent Dash is an addictive arcade running game with tons of unlockables, characters, and achievements that will keep players coming back for more.

Agent Dash


Agent Dash 4.1

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